"One can imagine this spry, witty woodwind quintet playing in a gazebo on a Sunday afternoon, as families with dogs and babies in strollers parade by. They jazz it up with "Take the A Train," and turn Beethoven to bossa." Noah Enelow (

"A young woodwind ensemble from the Stuttgart area, this group is making some wonderful music. I particularly like the Allegretto for its clean tones. But don't think that defines the group, they have also posted a great arrangement of the Billy Strayhorn classic: 'A' Train." Mark Bigelow (

Review of the CD Works: Danzi to Strayhorn: "This is an entertaining anthology of wind music. The playing is alert and engaging. The recording is bright, close and full... Lovely playing from this German ensemble who clearly have an adventurous approach to repertoire choice. The playing evinces an eloquent respect for the music: its underlying emotions and spirit... a very classy production and some ebullient and subtle music-making. It would not surprise me if Domus were head-hunted by one of the majors before long." © Rob Barnett ( The full review can be found at Musicweb and here.

Reviews of the CD Woodwind Revolution:
"This sequel to their first MP3 Resonances disc is every bit as good as the first though lighter and at the same time more obscure. The playing remains alert and engaging with the recording as close to realism as you could desire.... I would specially commend the Roux and Corea pieces if you would like to sample the tracks. This is a fun concert of the type you might hear (if you were lucky) on a warm summer evening in München." © Rob Barnett ( The full review can be found at Musicweb and here.
"What Domus Quintett shows, besides a perfect technique, ideally adapted to every style - that swings and shouts with jubilation, that rocks and waltzes - is a joy of playing, which is reflected in a great listening experience. The experiment is a success!" Anke Westermann, (Online Musik Magazin) The full review (in German) is available at Online Musik Magazin and here (PDF-Format).