The Domus Quintett, founded in 1991, brings together five soloists from the greater Stuttgart area. Their goal is to develop a repertoire which reaches beyond the standard repertoire of most 'traditional' woodwind quintets.

Domus Quintett
Flute: Gabriele Keller
Oboe: Markus Frommlet
Clarinet: Dominik Keller
Horn: Gerd Beyer
Bassoon: Werner Köhler

These classically trained musicians (who do not perform music as a mere profession) view the ideal of ensemble playing as an entity that does not only exist in the creation of a sensitive and homogenous body of sound, but in the unity of sound achieved by five artists each representing his/her individual perception of music.

It is a prime concern of the ensemble to improve the somewhat antiquated image of chamber music written for woodwinds by researching new sonic environments and developing unusual stylistic directions. Thus the quintet has begun working with noteworthy composers of classical, jazz and popular music, who compose new works especially for the ensemble. Their latest CD production, containing a selection of new compositions, as well as arrangements of jazz and funk music, bears testimony to this collaboration. The CD will be released in autumn 1999.

The combination of members in the Domus Quintett is as versatile as its repertoire. The 'family' basis of the quintet is formed by Gabi and Dominik Keller (flute and clarinet). As singular lady member Gabi assumes a central role in the ensemble and often takes up the position of leadership with both charm and sovereignty, enjoying the energetic support of her husband. The 'sporty' part is represented by Markus Frommlet (oboe), who in his capacity as medical practitioner and sportsman, brings a certain dynamism into play. Gerd Beyer (physicist and horn-player), in turn, seldomly refrains from producing ample (constructive) criticism during rehearsal sessions. As a result of his position as chief editor for the SWR Werner Köhler finds it easy to guide concert audiences through the programme with pithy commentaries and background information. Simultaneously, as bassoon player, he represents the 'ground bass' of the ensemble.

Should the opportunity arise to experience the Domus Quintett live or on CD, you will soon notice that it is an experience unlike that of the 'everyday' kind. Their ability to rise above the confines of the 'usual' in woodwind chamber music, guarantees both an exciting as well as an entertaining musical experience.